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Can I Chew Gum with Braces?

Several adjustments are required when one get braces from the orthodontist. The changes will be needed to make the use of braces more effective. If you are going for sporting activities, you shall be required to wear mouthguards. Consumption of specific kinds of food will also be avoided. It is paramount to remember that you cannot get good results without putting some efforts. For most of the people who have braces, they tend to wonder whether it is right to consume gum when you have braces.

There are several reasons why people consume gums. First it helps to deal with tooth decay. If you chew gums for more than 20 minutes, the saliva in your mouth is going to increase. Saliva is going to clean your mouth. It is also going to expel the acid that is being produced by the bacteria which are responsible for the decay of the teeth. People beside chew gums, because it makes the tooth enamel stronger.

If you get braces, the orthodontist will advise you not to chew gum. If you mix the two, there is no doubt that you will make an unexpected visit to the orthodontist. This is because the gum can get stuck on the braces, and they are challenging to remove. Also, the gum is likely to bend the wires. Remember that even a slight bend on the wires can adversely affect the intended tooth alignment. If you do not realize the bending on the right time; the issue is going to get worse. This means that the intended teeth alignment is going to take a longer time than you expected.

Despite the discouragement, there are still some people who still consider chewing the gum. If the gum gets stuck, you must remove it through cleaning very quickly. You should use a toothbrush to get the work done. It is, however, vital to be vigilant as vigorous brushing can damage the wire. You should consider flossing if there is sticking between the wires. An orthodontist is the last option is you cannot deal with the stuck gum.

If you are on braces, it is always vital to adhere to the directives that you have been given by the orthodontist. Chewing gum will adversely affect the efficacy of the braces. Some people chew gums to relieve pain. However, you can consider several over the counter medications that are going to mask the discomfort arising from the orthodontic adjustment. If you are chewing gum to get a fresh breath, then there are other ideal alternatives that you can consider; for instance, you can drink a lemon or citrus juice.

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