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Benefits Of Studying Scriptures Regularly

The time and energy spent studying the scriptures are definitely worth it. The many life happenings often distract believers from devoting their time to the study of the bible. The psalmist was inspired to write about how precious God’s thoughts are and how vast are God’s thoughts as revealed in the bible. Here are incredible benefits of regularly spending time studying the scriptures.

When believers spend their time on the bible on a regular basis, they get direction on how they should lead their lives.

The scriptures truly serve as the lamp of Christian’s feet and a valuable light to their different paths. It is necessary to regularly study the bible because it gives direction and offers guidance in life. Regular Bible studies assure believers that God is still in control even as they go through difficulties and uncharted waters of this life.

The other benefit of regular bible study is the assurance of God’s answers to prayer. The remarkable verse in John 15:7 mentions that if we abide in Jesus and His words stay with us, we could ask anything we wish and it shall be done . This is an amazing promise that means as long as we diligently read God’s word, His heart and mind will be opened to our lives as well as for people we live and interact with on a daily basis. It is the delight of the loving God to answer when His children who abide in His word and Jesus pray.

Studying the scriptures on a regular basis strengthens the believers’ faith. It is in the book of Romans 10:17 that Paul mentions that faith comes when someone hears through Christ’s word. Any honest exposure to the scriptures will reignite faith in the heart and mind of the believers.

Routine study of scriptures also help a lot in offering nourishment for believers to help them mature. Jesus mentioned that we cannot live by bread alone but by tapping on every message that comes from God’s mouth. That means life as we know it is more than eating and enjoying the pleasures in this world. In the same way that a man needs nourishment to survive, the word of God builds the believers so that they can be spiritually mature and respond accordingly to the challenges they will face .

If you want to build a stronger resistance to life’s numerous temptations, you need the word of God. When you study the scriptures on a regular basis, you become strong enough to say no to sin and lead a life of obedience and service.

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